New from RonZ! The Inshore Starter Kit: designed by the RonZ Team to give you all the necessary lures to catch trophy fish, in any Inshore situation. 11 Different pre-rigged baits that will catch you fish from Maine to the Florida Keys!

11 Piece Inshore Starter Kit Includes:

  • Paddle Hawk: The perfect pair of our 3D eye bucktail jig and our Z-Fin paddle tail. Deadly as a search bait you can fish all depths depending on retrieve; with its large profile and irresistible wobble, you’re sure to attract any large fish in the area. 8″ 3.5oz, 1 rigged jig in popular color.
  • Z-Fin: The RonZ paddle tail, an expertly designed swimbait. Do you love attention to detail? Big fish sure do. 3D eyes, fins, lateral line, and scales allows the Z-Fin to easily trick countless trophy fish. Jig it, drag it, or straight retrieve, the fish can’t resist. 1 Rigged jig 7″ 3.5oz and 1 Replacement Tail 6″.
  • 4″ Original series: Our classic 4″ RonZ jig. If the fish are finicky and only hitting those small baits, then tie on the 4″ original series. You’ll be surprised how many monster fish want to clobber such a small meal! 2 rigged jigs, 1/4oz (2 jigs in different colors).
  • 6″ Original series: The first RonZ lure ever designed, and you’ll see why. The 6″ RonZ has proven over and over it can catch basically every inshore fish, no questions asked. Straight retrieve on the bottom, dead drift in the current, it does not matter fish will eat it! 2 Rigged jigs 1oz each, (different colors).
  • 6″ Shallow water series: A must have for any shallow situation. 2 specially designed shallow running jig heads, 1 red, 1 white, each rigged with a different color 6″ tail. 3/8oz Rigged.
  • 8″ Original series: The tried-and-true classic, the 8″ RonZ series lets you target bigger fish anywhere in the water column. In this kit we send you two 8″ baits: a rigged 1.5oz 8″ bait perfect for topwater action when reeled quickly or slow it down and let the tail do the work on the drop. Also sent is a rigged 2oz 8″ bait that keeps Cobia, Stripers, and Snook up at night!
  • 10″ Original series: This 10″ RonZ tail is for those giant fish that eat giant baits! Whether you’re fishing for Cape Cod Canal cows, or Florida goliaths this bait will bring them in. Comes rigged with 3D eye jig head in a popular color, 3.5oz