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Thank you for choosing RonZ® Lures. We pour and assemble them right here in the USA.  As anglers and guides ourselves, we’re on the water almost daily. So we take the individual angler, as well as independent shops and dealers, very seriously.

We don’t skimp on materials to cheapen the price and we aren’t looking to mass-produce poor quality product.

The RonZ® is a combination lure system, made up of a uniquely designed, weighted Hydro-Head head and an ultra realistic soft body. Designed to attract all species of fish in both fresh and saltwater, these baits will literally catch fish by doing nothing more than dead sticking them in a rod holder. That being said, RonZ® Lures are successfully fished in a variety of ways: pulsed fast or slow, jigged horizontally or vertically. They can be retrieved steadily mid water, crawled along the bottom or sped across the surface. The only real limitations are what can’t be imagined.

The tails come in 4 different lengths: 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch with 7 different color options. We have come up with some innovative color dye sources, resulting in some sharp, unique patterns. Colors range from bright fluorescents, to realistic metallic(s).

In addition to our remarkable ability to produce fish, what really put RonZ® Lures on the map was our first of their kind Big Game head designs. The hydro head shape was no accident. It was designed by Ron “Z” Poirier, an innovative commercial fisherman who spent most of his life working as an engineer. It’s hydrodynamic shape imparts one of the most life like actions ever created.

Our Big Game Series boasts the strongest and most dynamic connection ever made available in a jig head. They’re constructed of a 300-600lb class Spro® swivels (depending on size,) a 500 plus pound through wired head system and fitted with a free swinging HD series Gamakatsu® or Owner® Big Game hook. This head has revolutionized the Northeast’s Bluefin Tuna “Jig and Pop” fishery. Because of the strength of its components and dynamic design, anglers are now able to put over 55lbs of drag on fish over 300lbs and never have to worry about lure failure! It’s a system that translates nicely to all powerful and large game species including: tuna, cobia, jacks, wahoo, mahi, marlin, snapper, grouper and believe it or not even shark species.

Today we now offer the RonZ® in 4 fishery specific designs: The Original Series, Big Game Series, Shallow Water Series and our new Z-Hawk bucktails. Once an angler has chosen the desired head weight and design, the innovative RonZ® tail will take care of the rest.

How to Fish the RonZ®

The RonZ® is perhaps the most versatile fishing Lure in the world and there are countless ways it can be fished. Truly, RonZ® only limitations are your imagination. Our lures are designed for minimal effort to be imparted by the angler. The action is built in to the bait, and a slow, steady retrieve is often all that is needed to induce a bite.

Jigging: whether you’re fishing deep stucture, open water or the shoreline RonZ® has a size and weight that will get your bait to the desired depth. The RonZ® can be crawled or bumped across the bottom, yo-yoed or vertically jigged. Be sure to experiment to find your own comfort zone and the retrieve that works best for your fishery. Again, less is generally more when it comes to the amount of exertion the angler needs to induce a strike. Let the tail do the work, not your shoulders, neck and back.

Dead-sticking: no other lure in the world can match the RonZ® ability to catch trophy fish out of the rod holder of a drifting boat. The RonZ® was specifically designed from head to tail just for this purpose. Our uniquely shaped hydro jig heads are designed to swim into the current and hydrodynamically pass energy down to the tail, creating a rythmic flutter. This will often induce strikes even when live baits are being ignored. Mid-water column dead-sticking has proven deadly on tuna, cobia and striped bass. Grouper, snapper, tile fish and flounder find the RonZ® irresistible when dead-sticked a foot or two off the bottom.

Topwater: many of our models can be used on surface feeding fish. Again, there are several techniques that can be deployed to elicit a bite. Cast into or around a school of fish, point the rod at the lure and reel at a high rate of speed to imitate a batifish fleeing the scene. You can also vary the retrieve by staggering the speed of the retrieve or stopping momentarily to let the lure sink briefly before retrieving again.

Pitch and drop: another highly effective method for surface feeding fish, especially tuna, is to cast into the school and simply let the RonZ® fall through the water column. This will give the apprearance of a dead or injured baitfish falling out of the feeding frenzy. Fish will generally grab the RonZ® on the drop, but if you do not generate a strike on the fall, fish will often hit when you begin to retrieve back to the boat. Again, vary the retrieve on the way back.

Trolling: although not specifically designed to be trolled, the RonZ® can be done so effectively. Original series baits are a great addition to your trolling spread. Try the 6” for small tunas. The 8” can also be trolled and is quite deadly on mahi mahi. Our 8” 2.5oz model, (the heaviest of our 8” original series), trolls particularly well. With our smaller, lighter models be sure to adjust your trolling speed to keep the RonZ® just below the surface.

Some of our big game models can be trolled as well, especially the mhd and 10” hd and 5.0. When targetting tuna we reccomend you limit your spread to a maximum of 4 RonZ® staggered with two short and two long. Slow your trolling speed down to two or three knots and be ready to adjust your speed to assure the RonZ® are swimming straight and staying below the surface.

Choosing The Right RonZ:

Below we have Listed the Lures by Series with detailed descriptions of construction and action. To also add in Selection we have provided species specific catagories to aid in both series and color selection.

Original Series
Big Game Series
Shallow Water Series

The only lure you can’t use incorrectly. There’s no wrong way to fish the RonZ.

Capt. Matt Perrachio Tighten Up Charters CC

Everything under the boat wants to eat them!”

Capt Rob Delph, Capt. Mason Carlson Second Generation Charters

Whether jigging and casting, on the troll, or my favorite: dead sticking, we always have a ronz in the water.

Captain Kevin AlbohnBlue Line Charters