About the RonZ..

Developed by the legendary Ron “Ron Z” Poirier, the RonZ® are performance soft plastic baits that have been carefully designed from head to tail to look, act and feel l like the real deal. It has been intensively tested and proven on a variety of species around the globe, and it’s fish catching ability is unrivaled. The RonZ® features Owner® and Gamakatsu® hooks and the finest terminal tackle and plastics available.

The RonZ® was originally developed to target striped bass in the northeast United States. First used by commercial striper fisherman as an alternative to live bait, it’s ability to consistently produce was soon discovered by local sport fisherman. The first RonZ® became available in local bait & tackle shops in the early 1990’s. Soon after, the true potential of its innovative design was discovered as both novice and professional fishermen alike began to accidently hook Bluefin Tuna while targeting smaller inshore species. It became apparent that these hook ups were not coincidental. “Tuna love this lure!”

With the advent of super-line technology and the rise of the Jig and Pop sport fishery, extreme demands began to be placed on lure design and construction. These demands were the motivation for the current Ron® design, utilizing the strongest hooks and terminal tackle available on the planet. RonZ® 3X and Big Game technology will put and end to bent and broken hooks and ensure your trophy ends up in the boat.

The RonZ® Action Tail has an unparalleled life-like swimming motion that mimics a multitude of bait fish. No other tails on the market offer such a realistic silhouette or natural action. You won’t find un-realistic paddle tails or un-natural body shapes that create inferior action. And all of our tails tails have a hook exit locator hole molded into them to ease the rigging process and ensure proper positioning of the head and tail.

Our “Z” Jig Head is a uniquely designed fishing jig very popular for tuna fishing that incorporates an innovative 360 degree holding barb that anchors the tail firmly in place. There’s never a need for messy glues or re-rigging after each catch. When retrieved, trolled or simply “dead-sticked” in the rod holder the wedge shaped nose of the “Z” head comes alive, wobbling from side to side. This movement is transmitted to the tail creating a natural swimming motion, requiring far less effort on the part of the angler than mass produced plastic baits. RonZ® heads come in two models; our standard painted lead head and our envromentally friendly, non-toxic pure tin head used in out Big Game models.

Today the RonZ® is available in an array of sizes and is being fished worldwide to catch just about every gamefish on the planet. No other lure on the market today can mimic a bait fish like the RonZ®. Try one for yourself and experience what the craze is all about!

“Ron Z” Poirier

The only lure you can’t use incorrectly. There’s no wrong way to fish the RonZ.

Capt. Matt Perrachio Tighten Up Charters CC

Everything under the boat wants to eat them!”

Capt Rob Delph, Capt. Mason Carlson Second Generation Charters

Whether jigging and casting, on the troll, or my favorite: dead sticking, we always have a ronz in the water.

Captain Kevin AlbohnBlue Line Charters