Big Game Series Buying Guide

Bullet Proof! RonZ® Big Game Series baits are designed to catch the largest fish on the planet without fear of tackle failure. All of our Big Game baits feature an innovative Power Swivel Jig Eyelet. And our HD (Heavy Duty) model has a heavyweight though-wire connection and revolutionary Swing Hook System that put an end to bent or broken hooks.

RonZ® Big Game baits come in two strengths: Medium Heavy (MHD) and Heavy Duty (HD).

Big Game MHD

Our Medium Heavy bait comes in a 10” length and weighs 4 ounces. Along with the Power Swivel Jig Eyelet it features a fixed, ultra-sharp Owner Longshank Ballyhoo hook. The MHD is recommended for school sized tuna and other pelagics to 125 pounds. With the MHD, fish get stuck and stay stuck!

8” Big Game HD

When your target species exceeds the 125-pound weight class it’s time to put the RonZ® Big Game Heavy Duty into action. The HD is available in two different lengths, 8” and 10”. In addition to the Power Swivel Jig Eye, this bait is through-wired to a free-swinging Gamakatsu HD Live Bait Hook. Say goodbye to bent or broken hooks as the Swing Hook allows the angler to maintain maximum leverage without the extreme torque placed on traditional jig hooks.

10” Big Game HD

To go deeper, and to target fish feeding on larger baits, use the 10” Heavy Duty. Weighing 4 ounces, this is the workhorse of the RonZ® line of offshore baits. It has successfully landed fish up to 600 pounds. Like the 8” model, it features a free-swinging Gamakatsu HD Live Bait hook and Power Swivel Jig Eye.

The only lure you can’t use incorrectly. There’s no wrong way to fish the RonZ.

Capt. Matt Perrachio Tighten Up Charters CC

Everything under the boat wants to eat them!”

Capt Rob Delph, Capt. Mason Carlson Second Generation Charters

Whether jigging and casting, on the troll, or my favorite: dead sticking, we always have a ronz in the water.

Captain Kevin AlbohnBlue Line Charters